This listing includes notable historic, standardized and common usage dictionaries of the German language. The beginnings of German dictionaries date back to a series of glossaries from the 8th century CE. The first comprehensive German dictionary, the German Dictionary (DWB), was begun by the Brothers Grimm in 1838. The Duden dictionary, begun in 1880 and now it is the 25th edition, is currently the prescriptive source for the spelling of German. The official dictionary for Austrian German, the Austrian dictionary (OWB), is published by the Austrian Federal Government and is now in its 41st edition.

Older German dictionaries

  • The precursor German dictionaries were glossaries, of which the abrogans from the 8th century is the oldest known.
  • Petrus Dasypodius, Dictionarium Latinogermanicum, 1537
  • Frisius(Johannes Fries Dictionarium Latinogermanicum, 1541, 1556)
  • Pictorius(Joshua Maaler, The Teutsch sprach, 1556)
  • Adelung(Grammatical-Critical Dictionary of the High German dialect) by Johann Christoph Adelung, first edition 1781. The first major overall linguistic dictionary of the German language.
  • Handwritten dictionary of the German language, a pocket dictionary by Johann Christian August Heyse, continued by his son Karl Wihelm Ludwig Heyse, 1833-1849
  • German Dictionary(known as the Grimm Dictionary or DWB), by Jacob Grimm and Wihelm Grimm. The first comprehensive German dictionary developed on historical principles. Begun in 1838, first published in 1854, completed in 1961, supplemented in 1971.
  • Technological Dictionaryof German, French and English and other languages ​​by Johann Adam Beil, 1853. An early technical dictionary.
  • Dictionary of the German language by Daniel Sanders (1860-1865)
  • The Duden, the spelling dictionary of Konard Duden, first edition 1880. Now in its 25th Edition, 2009.
  • Etymological dictionary of the German language by Friedrich Kluge, first edition 1883. Now in its 24th edition on CD-Rom by de Gruyter, 2002
  • German dictionary by Moritz Heyne, 1890-1895

Current German dictionaries

  • Collins German-English English-German Dictionary, by JM Clark. London / Glasgow: Collins. First published 1953.
  • German Dictionary: a large dictionary in 6 volumes originally published by Gerhard Wahrig, now at Bertelsmann. The publisher reports it is discontinued (2012).
  • DUDEN – The large dictionary of the German language4th edition (2012), only CD-ROM.
  • Duden, a twelve-volume series of specialized dictionaries, 25th edition (2012).
  • Duden UniversalDictionary: a single-volume general overall linguistic dictionary, now in its seventh edition (2011)
  • Handwörterbuch der deutschen Gegenwartssprache, edited by Kempcke in two volumes.
  • Langenscheidt’s dictionary German as a Foreign Language, published by Kempcke
  • Mackensen, with specialized information on spelling, grammar, style, words, symbols and abbreviations, pronunciation and history of German vocabulary
  • Austrian Dictionary(ÖWB): The official dictionary of the German language for Austria. It is published by the Austrian Federal Publisher in Vienna.
  • Variant Dictionary of German(2004): describes regional variations of standard German.
  • Dictionary German as a foreign language by de Gruyter.
  • Dictionary of German Contemporary LanguagesWDG ), published in late 1977 by the Academy of Sciences of the German Democratic Republic.

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